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Information for people using treatments

Biotherapy (bioenergotherapy) - it is a specific influence of one organism on another or another using its own energy (bioenergy). Bioenergotherapy is not an activity that replaces medical activities, but a complementary support for an energetically weakened, energetically disturbed organism. The use of biotherapy does not require discontinuation of any medical therapy. The sick person should be under constant medical care. Everyone has the opportunity to get all the information about the treatments directly during the visit and to get acquainted with the general information that can be found in the office.


The number and frequency of visits is individual for each person and depends on many factors. Usually visits every 1-2 weeks are sufficient. A break longer than a month is inadvisable and means the interruption of the series of treatments. The series should be completed only after the energy disturbances have completely subsided.

You can use the following information to improve your health:

1. Place of residence and places where you stay for quite a long time should be radiated. For this purpose, it is best to have a qualified dowser. You can also try to do it yourself by placing appropriate "odromienniki" in the place of sleeping, etc. "Odromienniki"

various types can be purchased in a shop, via the Internet, etc. Personally, I can recommend Prawoda for this purpose. Information in the office and on the website

2. During the visit, you can receive a recording to build a positive attitude to health, stimulate and draw energy, and also to connect the person and the biotherapist. The recording is specially coded for energetic contact. You should listen to the recording while lying in the "meditation" position and try to "feel" it. Every day at 7 a.m. and 10 p.m. collective remote treatments (telebioenergotherapy) are performed, during these hours it should be listened to. If it is impossible to do so at these times, then at other times, but at least try to use the procedure at least once a day. Every 1 recording is for 1 month of daily listening. The recording is owned by Sebastian Barzyk, it is not sold, only rented. They should be returned after use or in the event of discontinuation of the healing services. Sebastian Barzyk is not responsible for the consequences of failure to comply with the obligation to return the recording.

3. In order to remove toxins and cleanse the body, you can use one of the cleansing diets (treatments): 

- Vegan cuisine, optimal nutrition, etc.

- Total cure by Rudolf Breuss

- Medical fasting - the book by GP Malakhov

- One of the sets of cleansing treatments by Michał Tombak

- Cleansing treatment according to Father Stefan Opiela - for example, it looks like this:

It is based on fasting, but it is not an absolute condition for effectiveness. Enough

refrain from eating for several days. If it was too difficult, you should give up some products: any animal products (meat, fish, dairy products, eggs), white bread, sugar, refined products. The basis is the daily consumption of juice made of fresh and raw beetroot (0.4), carrot (0.2) and celery (0.15). Strain the juice thoroughly, pour it together, shake it and consume during the day in small sips every 1-1.5 hours (Do not drink the juice at once !!!). It is imperative to consume at least a glass of juice during the day. 

You can eat pearl barley thickly cooked with sour rye soup (made with your own sourdough) from wholemeal rye flour. Consume this meal 3 times a day. There will be no feeling of hunger. If it is difficult, add other products except those prohibited above. Energize juices and Lawn articles before consumption. The condition for obtaining positive effects is strict implementation and daily regularity.

4. Self-massage of hands and feet. Not to be confused with acupressure. No knowledge is needed for this. It is enough to carefully and quite strongly massage the hands and feet paying more careful attention to the sore spots and try to massage them. Perform the massage at least once a day, preferably before meditation. A well-done massage takes about half an hour. It is recommended to wear flip-flops on "needles". For hand and foot massage, as well as sore spots, use a mixture of camphor and castor oils, with castor oil twice as much. The oils can be purchased in pharmacies and herbal shops.

5. The spine. No masseur, no massage, no surgery can replace movement and exercise. It can only alleviate suffering or damage the spine. The spine remains on the muscles and no one will train the muscles for us to keep it in proper condition. Prophylaxis is the best way to avoid back problems

- Watch yourself all the time, walk straight, stand straight, sit straight, stomach should be tucked in, back straight, head slightly up.

- When sitting, you should never cross your feet because there are two large arteries (arteries) under the knees, the pressure of which causes a violation of the general blood circulation.

- The habit of sitting with one leg crossed with age causes pain in the spine, leg muscles, varicose veins, and diseases of the blood vessels of the lower extremities.

- Do not lift weights from a standing position. You put less strain on your spine if you bend your knees.

- Strengthen the abdominal muscles - they relieve the spine by 20%.

. Distribute the weight on both shoulders.

- For the lazy, we suggest buying an acupressure mat and using it twice a day, lying, sitting or walking on it for about 15 minutes. Time can be extended as the body grows stronger.

We can adjust the spine ourselves through appropriate exercises.

Exercise set No. 1 - for the first month of exercises

After waking up, stretch a few times. Lying on your back, press the back of your head against the pillow with all your strength for 5 seconds. relax. Repeat 6 times. Then place the pillow on your chest and for 5 seconds. hug it tightly - 5 sec. relax.

Place a pillow between your legs, squeeze it tightly with your knees for 5 seconds - 5 seconds. relax. Repeat 6 times. Then for 5 sec. raise legs up at an angle of 45 ° - 5 sec. relax. Repeat 6 times.

Use the fingers of one leg for 5 sec. pull the toes of the other leg alternately 6 times. 5 minutes passed this way. Exercise finished, muscles and blood vessels warmed up. Due to the fact that the exercise is performed in the supine position, the load on the heart muscle is minimal and therefore can be performed by both the elderly, adults and children.

6. Breathing is an important element in influencing health. Over 99% of people breathe badly. Proper breathing can be learned through courses or through yoga (pranayama) literature. And the lesson of this can be left for later, when a person is rid of all ailments; unless he has trouble breathing.

7 There is no need to believe in the effects of biotherapy. Biotherapy is knowledge and skills. Just use it and follow the recommendations, and the results and feelings will definitely change the approach that causes interest. Being interested in something brings cognition and knowledge. If someone lacks faith as a religion and does not see the meaning of life, maybe he will find it in the words of Jesus: "The kingdom of God is in you and around you, not in houses made of wood and stone. Split a piece of wood and I will be there, pick up the boulder ... and you will find me. " Whoever finds out the meaning of these truths ...

If someone has been to the surgery once and expected a miracle, I apologize for the disappointment.


Please do not give a false opinion about biotherapy, because there are people who need help and who will do everything to be healthy. And that's what I help with.

I wish you a speedy recovery.

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