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The healing energy of nature

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The 7 rules of Huna

The world is what you think it is

There are no restrictions

Energy follows attention

The moment of power is now.

To love is to share happiness

All power comes from within

Efficiency is the measure of truth

consulting and sessions in Polish and English

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Identifying bioenergy disorders of the body and eliminating them  restoring the free flow of bioenergy between its individual levels and layers of the aura, energy centers (chakras) and organs or their groups in order to harmonize the optimized states of bioenergy and its exchange with the environment.

Cupping therapy

Cupping therapy is generally a vacuum therapy on the human body using a different type of suction vessel.

For therapy, we use rubber, fire or vacuum (pumped-out) bubbles. The mechanism of action is based on the suction of skin tissue, and thus on receptors, blood and lymph.

Sound therapy TIBETAN BOWLS

The sound therapy of playing bowls is the effect of specific bowls, directly or indirectly, on the human psychosomatic system. We also use bowls on chakras, i.e. points of energy transfer between the physical body and other subtle bodies. 

Conching the ears

Ear conching therapy is used as support in the elimination of small states of pathology of the body as well as long-term ailments of the ears and sinuses, ailments of the throat, and inflammation of the upper respiratory tract. It works perfectly well, at the same time giving amazing results in relaxation, tranquility and therapy of emotional disorders.

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Herbal therapy

The history of herbs is as old as mankind. Herbs have an effect through beneficial factors such as alkaloids, anthocyanins, anthracompounds, phenols, cardiac glycosides, essential oils, saponins, triterpenes, coumarins and furanocoumarins.  

We use herbs to prepare herbal infusions, extracts, tinctures and ointments, inhalations and therapeutic baths.

We will select the right herbs for your ailments.

Parameter testing 

The study measures: the level of vital forces, life energy according to Bovis scale, level of consciousness according to Hawkins, ERD level (Spiritual Development Stage)

Manual therapy

Manual therapy  Unlike conventional treatment - it is one of the methods of physiotherapy and, at the same time, holistic therapy, the aim of which is not only to temporarily relieve ailments, but also to improve the patient's health in the long term by unblocking joints or parts of the spine and restoring normal mobility in the treated areas.  


Clavipuncture is called completely safe, non-invasive procedures performed with thin sticks on the surface of the skin, without disturbing the continuity of the epidermis. The therapy is based on a stimulatory-reflex, skin-internal reaction. Clavipunktura has a stimulating effect on biologically active points and receptors that control the life-giving processes of the human body through the nervous system.


It is important to allow intuition and extrasensory perception to speak.

Then we get to know reality more fully and deeply.

Leszek Żądło

Meditation is neither a journey through space nor a journey through time - it is an immediate awakening.


Man is destined to develop the ability to contact the world of energy information. This is a condition for those who want to survive in the 21st century.

Dimitri Vereszczagin


ul. Akacjowa 3, 05-500 Nowa Iwiczna (near Piaseczno city)

tel. +48 575130501

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